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Jiuyixing in China-Saudi Arabia Joint Business Forum

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  On August 16, 2023, the China-Saudi Arabia Joint Business Forum will be held in Beijing, China. Jiuyixing Building Materials Co., Ltd. was honored to be invited to participate in this forum, and had a fruitful discussion and study with the participants.




  In recent years, the economic cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia has gradually increased, so the China-Saudi Arabia Joint Business Forum has attracted extensive attention from the industry. This forum has built a solid bridge for relevant companies in China and Saudi Arabia to explore and establish strong cooperative partners.

  In the forum, His Excellency Mr. Majid Hogal, Minister of Municipal Affairs, Rural Affairs and Housing of Saudi Arabia, encouraged us to export more Chinese products to the Saudi market, and put forward many constructive proposals. These proposals will serve as a catalyst for friendly cooperation and economic development between China and Saudi Arabia, promoting trade, product innovation and cultural exchanges, benefiting both peoples.




  Through actively participating in this forum, our company has gained a more valuable understanding of the cultural differences in the Saudi Arabian market and the living needs of consumers. In the future R&D and production, Jiuyixing will further strengthen its understanding of the Saudi Arabian market, and adjust product types in time to meet the preferences and requirements of the Saudi market. At the same time, we will explore potential cooperation with Saudi Arabia's construction engineering industry and real estate developers. Through the partnership, jointly enhance the sustainable growth and successful development of enterprises in both countries.




  With the support and encouragement of the forum, Jiuyixing Building Materials Co., Ltd. will export more waterproof, environmentally friendly and beautiful WPC products to the building materials industry market in Saudi Arabia to establish a solid partnership and jointly strengthen the national economies of the two countries and cooperative development. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to working with our friends in Saudi Arabia. If you are interested in cooperation, please feel free to contact us or leave a message.

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