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Congratulations to Henan Jiuyixing Building Materials Co., Ltd.

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Carpenter heart to create high-quality products, for the beautiful home to create value, is Henan Jiuyixing Building Materials Co., Ltd. has always been the initial heart and persistence. By virtue of years of deep cultivation in the wooden door industry, after strict evaluation by the team of experts, recently, Henan Jiuyixing formally passed the latest ISO9001:2015(GB/T19001-2016) quality management system certification, and obtained the certification certificate.


1.ISO Quality Management System Certification (Pass to International Market)

       ISO is understood to be the world's largest international organization for standardization, while ISO9001 is the world's most mature and authoritative quality management system certification, known as the "pass to the international market ", More than 750000 organizations in 161 countries / regions worldwide adopt ISO9001 as the evaluation standard for product quality.

      All enterprises that have passed the ISO9001 certification, on the one hand, reflect that the enterprise has reached the international standard level in the integration of various management systems, on the other hand, it also confirms that the enterprise can continuously and stably provide the expected qualified products and after-sales service.

      ISO9001 certificate marks that Henan Jiuyixing has reached the international leading level in scientific enterprise management, quality standardization, service standardization and so on. It further proves Henan Jiuyixing's high level management ability and strong market competition ability.


2. strict production standards, focus on product quality

      With the development of market economy, product quality is becoming more and more important to an enterprise, and product quality is the fundamental, lifeline and cornerstone of its survival and development. Since its establishment, Yingkang family, a brand owned by Jiuyixing of Henan Province, has always regarded product quality as the foundation of enterprise development, taking the lead in introducing environmental protection bamboo and wood plates in industry innovation, introducing a complete set of intelligent production lines from Germany and Italy, synchronizing international strict production standards, controlling production materials from the source, emphasizing the protection of the ecological environment, and providing consumers with safer and healthier household products.

     Products are the key to the development of enterprises. In the pursuit of higher goals and scale of the road, Henan Jiuyixing will continue to work with the spirit of craftsmanship, in the quality of products, performance, design and other aspects of deep intensive research, in environmental protection efforts to bring more consumers safe and comfortable home products.


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