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Advantages and disadvantages of wpc doors

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A house is made up of four walls, each room is required to have a door, the need for the door whether before or now, it can not be less. According to the material made of different, the demand for different doors, as well as the different styles of doors, there are many kinds of doors on the market, here small to introduce wpc door this product, why to introduce wpc door this product? This is because in the present family, the wpc door application is more and more, beautiful and practical are very good, the following small to introduce the product advantages of wpc door.



wpc door raw materials quality, scientific formulation


PVC resin is used in domestic famous door products. After screening, grinding and drying, and coating treatment, the wpc door products have reached the international recognition. Besides the high quality, the wpc door materials need to be added a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, and the formula and proportion above is very scientific, the wpc door products are qualified.


High quality production equipment for wpc doors


Henan jiuyixing wpc door production equipment is imported from Germany, the degree of automation is very high, to ensure that the amount of wpc door materials more accurate, more uniform mixing, more efficient. In the fundamental guarantee of the quality of wpc doors, we can use the time, can have a better experience.


The wpc door is green and green


The raw material of this product is made by high temperature, high pressure and vacuum to form at one time, this material is no formaldehyde, is green, so in the process of production and use, there is no harmful gas, in line with our modern line with our modern indoor decoration environmental protection requirements, not only beautiful appearance, but also the use of higher safety.


In addition to the introduction above, wpc door this product raw materials above high quality, formula above science, production equipment qualified, production of raw materials safety, wpc door products use moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and flame-retardant properties are very good, and wpc door aesthetic above is also very good, both practical and beautiful, environmental protection is also particularly strong wpc door products, in addition to the application of our home, in life everywhere is also very much

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