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Wood-plastic products: green and environmental protection unique scenery

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As a new kind of material, wood-plastic composite is developing into a new industry. In recent years, the gap of wood resources has increased year by year, and how to make full and effective use of limited resources to protect the environment has become an urgent problem in the home building materials industry. At the same time, with the increasing awareness of global environmental protection. With the guidance of green, environmental protection and energy saving, a new material —— wood-plastic composite material (WPC) has emerged in the building materials market and become a new material widely used in the fields of building decoration and landscape design.


Wood-plastic products have broad prospects


Wood-plastic composite is a new kind of material which is made of wood fiber or plant fiber and combined with thermoplastic resin and other materials after pretreatment.



This material not only combines the dual advantages of wood and plastics in its properties: it has a good appearance similar to wood, better than wood size stability, will not produce cracks, warpage, no wood scar, twill, add colorant, film or composite surface can be made into various products with brilliant colors, at the same time, it has the characteristics of secondary processing, cutting, bonding, fixed with nails or bolts, can be painted, the shape of the product specifications can be adjusted according to user requirements, flexibility, not afraid of insects, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, water absorption, moisture absorption deformation, durable and long life; Hardness is higher than plastic, it has the processability of thermoplastic, easy to form, can be reused and recycled.


More importantly, the wood-plastic composite low-carbon, environmental protection characteristics are significant. The data show that the use of 1 ton wood-plastic composite material is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide by 1.82 tons, reducing deforestation by 1 cubic meter, saving 80 barrels of crude oil and saving 11 tons of standard coal.



It is because of the unique advantages of wood-plastic products, in 2008, wood-plastic composite materials first appeared in Beijing Olympic venues, played a beautiful public card. After that, wood-plastic composite materials were used in Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and other venues. These demonstration functions have promoted the development of wood-plastic industry in China.


Compared with North America, the European Union and East Asia, the domestic wood-plastic industry has a good development momentum because of its abundant wood fiber materials, abundant human resources and broad domestic market. With the development of low-carbon concept, wood-plastic composite materials conform to the national trend of energy saving and emission reduction, recycling economy, highlighting the great potential.



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