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JIUYIXING—— How to choose good quality and cheap interior wpc door, you care about here!

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In our family decoration, how to choose a good and cheap inner door is our most concern, buying doors really do not cost a lot, affordable prices can also buy very good doors.

I went to visit many friends' homes in the process of decoration and found a particularly common problem. The decoration style of their home is very good, but their inner door looks not match the style of other furniture.

In our family decoration, the interior door has a great influence on the decoration style of the family. In our indoor space, the interior door chooses a beautiful style, the effect that is giving ah looks very special, if the choice is not good, will reduce our heart expectation, affect our overall design style, And the materials we carefully selected.


(1)Concerning gate

Now the market sells the interior door detail style has very many kinds, the real good-looking and hundred match wpc door, only has two kinds.

The interior door of a square frame and two square frames. vintage style preferred. The simplest decorative flat door, modern style, Nordic style is also perfect.

1. Simple framewpc doors: the whole door a large groove, the overall perception is very simple.


2.  Simple line wpc doors: the most common door type, more contrast and detail than the mouth, good-looking easy to understand. Recommended up and down the same square frame of the indoor door, the following height is not more than 1/3 of the whole, or follow the golden section of the proportion of good, appear high door, feel the door is very expensive.


(2)About the material

Usually, each family will choose density board door, pure pvc door or wpc door, but there is a problem between them.

1. density board door: this door is not waterproof, if in some tropical countries, this door will be more vulnerable to corrosion, will also make the home more humid.


2.pvc door: in general, pvc door is very strong. But because it has plastic properties, it is easy to deform and the quality is brittle.


3.wpc door: it is made of crushed wood, resin, calcification, plastic powder fusion, and then through high temperature fusion finalized. As a result, it not only has the characteristics of good quality and patience of ordinary indoor doors, but also has the characteristics of strong pvc doors without deformation. At the same time, it maximizes the advantages of other doors, with waterproof, moisture-proof, termites-proof characteristics. Both in the tropics and in the cold, this wpc door will never deform and be damaged.


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