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JIUYIXING—— How does the hotel apartment fit the wpc doors?

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1. convenience

As long as the customer provides the design drawing, selects the style, the color, the other matter is completed by our factory, we can also customize the corresponding wpc door, door sleeve, line, kick line according to the style and color chosen by the customer, which avoids the tiredness and distress of many shopping.

2. overall style unified harmony

The style and main tone of decoration are determined by three main bodies: home, door and window, floor; usually, home and door, kick line is vertical whole, to maintain relative unity, and the floor belongs to the flat system, usually with door and home some color difference but can maintain compatible color system as the principle. And all this, choose complete set of supply can be solved very well.

3. color difference

For a set of doors, it consists of three parts: the door, the side plate, and the door sleeve. Complete sets of hotel wpc doors, door covers, lines are the same process and the same material. Complete wooden doors can not be installed a nail eye, and there is no color difference.

4. more environmentally friendly

Now decoration environmental protection is one of the very important considerations, the hotel must buy wooden doors using pure natural materials, so as to ensure the duration of the project and the rapid arrival of customers. wpc door surface uses pvc film, not only to ensure that the wooden door does not crack and deformation, but also to make the product more waterproof and environmentally friendly. Wooden door process is factory production, customized according to customer requirements.

5. the wooden door selected in the hotel from the design, size measurement, material selection, transportation are our door factory's own production, transportation, to ensure the duration of the project but also to ensure the integrity of the goods.


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