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JIUYIXING——Four taboos about being a wpc doors agent

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Now, the competition in the building materials market is very fierce, the competition of wpc doors is no exception, some weak wooden door manufacturers have been eliminated by the market, but some strong manufacturers can sit firmly in the building materials market. But many people still want to participate in this industry, it is not easy to be an agent, there are a lot of attention and methods.



Some people want to do wpc doors, feel that they can apply their own resources, but their own resources are limited, after the use of do not know how to do, do not want to do. This kind of agent can only make small money, they entered a batch of goods from wpc door manufacturer in the early stage, add shop decoration and so on, may not make money or lose money. Some agents only want to make a sum of money to run, not only can not make money, but also may have a great risk. Now consumers are wise, without good pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale services, consumers are difficult to recognize, can only get very little income ,80% of investors are not making money or losing money.


2.Just want to make money, don't want to invest

Some people want to be wpc door agent, but do not want to invest money, they simply understand a wpc door brand, and then with a mouth or a piece of information, to all people know the wpc door. Let the customer order deposit after delivery from the manufacturer, so that the wpc door agent can only small money,. If you don't find a reliable manufacturer to invest in stores, you ca n' t make money or lose money.


3.No serious choice


Choice is greater than effort, choice is wrong, effort is wasted. Suppose you blindly choose the wrong wpc door brand, you will only lose money. For example, some franchisees think that agents joinwpc door brands, advertising (especially online advertising), star endorsements and so on can make money, and precisely these manufacturers seize these agents'" greed "," naive "," hunting strange "mentality. Some people have a little social experience or have done business for a period of time know that this is only a wpc door manufacturers to attract investment gimmicks, there is no such good thing in the world.


4.Don't take the initiative to find customers


Some wpc door agents lack of funds, lack of resources, and not diligent, opened a wooden door store, sitting in the store every day waiting for customers to buy. If you do, you won't be able to "close the door ". wpc door investment is particularly prompted: no matter what you do, if you want to make money, you must need hard work, hard work! Please remember that hard work is not necessarily successful, but not hard work must be difficult to succeed! 


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