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JIUYIXING——Can wpc doors meet the requirements of environmental protection?

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Many consumers do not want to believe that businesses say green environmental protection, because many small manufacturers produce paint products that do not meet the environmental standards consumers want, so people began to slowly study wpc door.


In the indoor door industry, if a door is not selected, then the whole home decoration will have problems, not only pollute the environment, but also not conducive to our health. In this case, we can not blame the consumer's suspicion of the business. As consumers, we are responsible for our home environment and the health of our family members. So wpc door is very in line with the current high standards of each family home decoration, high demand.


Now, let's judge together. What we're talking about is the difference between the paint door and the wpc door. The biggest difference between the wpc door and the paint door is that there is no need for paint treatment, that is, wooden doors that do n' t need to be painted. Most of the wpc doors on the market are veneer by using PVC film on the molded door or solid wood composite door surface.


Wpc  doors that do not use paint treatment processes, because without the use of paint, the problem of whether paint will be green and environmentally friendly is completely solved. Because of the PVC material such as green film mulching, so in the process of use there is no doubt about its quality environmental protection, can be more assured to use. But because of the PVC material, its surface shape is rich and diverse, color and style is also relatively complete, we can completely according to their own design concept to choose their own home style.


By contrast, the paint door is a kind of indoor door which is heated and dried by spraying solid wood door or solid wood composite door through baking paint process. Paint door surface substrate is a large part of the density board used, compared with wpc door, its process is more complex, to some extent can not save manpower and time costs, so the market paint door prices are often more expensive. wpc door price will be cheaper, quality, is also very good.


Generally speaking, the advantage of wpc door is greater than that of baking paint door. So we can buy according to their preferences to choose their favorite one, according to the actual situation to choose a suitable home, the whole family like one. Of course, if the partners have other questions, you can leave a message for consultation.


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