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Do you know what types of doors can be divided into on the market now?

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When it comes to choosing the right interior doors for your home or office, the options available in the market can be quite overwhelming. From wooden doors, there are several types of doors that can be divided into different categories. One such type is the WPC door, also known as the Wood Plastic Composite door.

1. Melamine door

Melamine molded door refers to the low-carbon, environmentally friendly, beautiful, convenient, non-cracking and non-deformable door panel produced by using "one-time molding" or "two-time molding" technology under high-temperature, high-pressure and high-heat environment, using MDF or HDF or steel plate as the base material, with melamine paper on the surface, or without any veneer and skin. It is relatively light in weight.

2. PVC Door

PVC doors are made of plastic. It has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, not easy to wear, non-flammable and anti-microbial, and its warmth retention and elasticity are also very good. The PVC composite door is widely used in the family. It has a series of functions such as heat preservation and moisturizing, dustproof, moisture-proof and insect-proof. Its sound insulation and heat preservation effects are only relative, and it has the effect of preventing air convection in terms of heat preservation. However, the disadvantage of PVC doors is that they are easy to deform and do not feel very good. After a period of use, the screws will slip and loosen.

3. WPC Door

The main raw materials of the WPC door are PVC resin and high-quality bamboo wood powder. The PVC resin adopts imported famous brand products. The wood powder is provided by a professional wood company to provide high-quality tree species wood powder. Bamboo powder is added to the board, which is more stable and avoids the shortcomings of traditional PVC doors that expand with heat and contract with cold.


3.1 The advanced production equipment of WPC door is imported from the international leading company from the mixing system to the extrusion system. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, accurate ingredients and high efficiency, which fundamentally guarantees the stable waterproof, moisture-proof and ant-proof performance of the product.

3.2 WPC door is durable, has a long service life, has the appearance of wood, has higher hardness and better rigidity than plastic products, has excellent physical properties, and has better dimensional stability than wood, and will not produce cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, etc. With the secondary processability of wooden doors, it can be sawed, planed, bonded, and fixed with nails or screws.


3.3 The flame retardant performance of WPC door is very good, it will not support combustion when it encounters an open flame, and it will automatically extinguish after leaving the fire.

3.4 The surface treatment technology of WPC door is various, such as thermal transfer printing, film coating or baking varnish, which can produce gorgeous and diverse appearance according to the needs of customers, and has high stability and long service life. We have a variety of high-grade wood grain and color boards. According to the popular varieties in the market, we have designed a variety of finishes such as black walnut, ivory white, and wax oak for customers to choose from. We also provide hundreds of exterior designs of interior doors to meet the individual needs of modern consumers' life, and are greatly welcomed by customers in the market.


Please pay attention to the next issue for more types.

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